Falkland Islands (Jan. 2007)

falklandislands_map-2003-11-10-at-16-59-05 new-island-map-stamps-2007-02-15-at-20-52-37 carcass-map-stamps-2007-02-15-at-21-11-02-1The Falklands archipelago consist of two main islands and 338 smaller ones, covering a total of 12,173 km2 -almost half the size of Belgium. Capital: Stanley.

Founded in 1844, Stanley is probably the world’s smallest and most remote capital. It is a handsome, welcoming village of about 2000 people. Very British atmosphere, although the architecture is that of a frontier town, except for a few Victorian step gable houses.

Despite its occupation by thousands of Argentine troops from April 2 to June 14, 1982, Stanley escaped almost unscathed. It remains the center for the archipelago’s wool industry, and more recently became a port for deep-water fishing industry. Recently discoveries of oil under the adjacent seabed heighten the strategic importance of the archipelago.

Argentina still claims sovereignty over the islands and on Argentine maps the islands are marked “Islas Malvinas” and the capital is called “Puerto Argentino“.

Photos taken with NIKON D200, 24-120mm lens on 8 January 2007.


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