Nordic Art: my favourite paintings in Scandinavian Art Collections

Jón Stefánsson, 1881-1962, The Harbour, 1824, National gallery of Iceland
Jón Stefánsson, 1881-1962, The Harbour, 1824, National Gallery of Iceland


Adolph Tideman & Hans Gude, Bridal Procession on the Hardanger Fjord, 1848, Nat. Gallery of Norway, Oslo

Erik Werenskiold, 1855-1938, The Funeral, 1885.
Edvard Munch, 1863-1944, Norwegian, The Sick Girl, 1896, Oil on canvas.
Edvard Munch, 1863-1944, Norwegian, The Sick Girl, 1896, Oil on canvas. (One of Munch’s earliest works).
Carl WILHELMSON, 1866-1928, On the Rocks, 1905-06, Goteborg Art Museum.
Gustaf Fjaelstad, 1868-1948, Snow, 1900, Oil on canvas, Göteborg Art Museum
Gustaf Fjaelstad, 1868-1948, Snow, 1900, Oil on canvas, Göteborg Art Museum
Peder Severin Kroyer, 1851-1909, Danish, ‘Hipp, hipp, hurrah! Artists Party’, Skagen, DK, 1888.
Albert Edelfelt, 1854-1905, Finnish, At Sea, 1883, oil.
Albert Edelfelt, 1854-1905, Finnish, At Sea, detail, 1883, oil.
Edouard Dantan, 1848-1897, Making a cast of a Living Model, 1887, oil. Göteborg Art Museum.
Alfred Wahlberg, 1834-1907, Moonlight , Fjälbacka, Gothenburg Art Museum
Alfred Wahlberg, 1834-1907, Moonlight Fjälbacka, detail, Gothenburg Art Museum
Oktober, or “The Pumpkins, 1882, Watercolour.
Carl Wilhelmsson, 1866-1928, Scene from the Swedish West Coast, 1898, oil on canvas, Göteborg Art Museum
Anders_Zorn, Prins_Eugen, 1910, Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
Edvard Munch, 1853-1919, Portrait of Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Oil on Canvas, Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm.
Carl Larsson, 1853-1919, Portrait of his daughter, Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
Carl LARSSON, Potret van Oscar Levertin, 1906, Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
Carl LARSSON, Portrait of Ernest Thiel, Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
Prins Eugen, 1865-1947, Monet (The Cloud), 1895, Oil on Canvas, Göteborg Art Museum.
Bertha Wegmann, Danish, 1846-1926, Portrait of Joanna Bauck, 1881, National Museum Stockholm.

Carl Wilhelmson, 1866-1928, Swedish, Girl in Blue.

Bertha Wegmann, Danish, 1846-1926, Portrait of Joanna Bauck, 1881, detail, National Museum Stockholm.
Edvard Munch, A Family, Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
Constance Marie Charpentier (1767-1849), Melancholy, 1801
Peter Balke, The Boat and Tromsö
Carl Larsson, Flowers on the windowsill, Statens Museum Copenhagen
Anna Boberg, 1864-1935, Northern lights
Prins Eugen, Fresco in Stockholm City Hall.
Prince Eugen, Fresco in Prince’s Gallery, Stockholm City Hall.
Jens Ferdinand Willumsen, 1863-1958, Sol över Söderns Berg, 1902
Harald Sohlberg, 1869-1935, Oslo seen from Akershus, Private collection.
Johan Christian Dahl, 1788-1857, Stugunoset pa Filefjeld, 1851,The first great romantic painter of Norway. Founder of the ‘golden age’ of Norwegian painting.
Harald Sohlberg, 1869-1935, Vinternatt i Rondane, 1914, National Gallery, Oslo
Harald Sohlberg, 1869-1935, Vinternatt i Rondane, 1914, one of several versions painted by Sohlberg.
Anders.Zorn, 1860-1920, Swedish, Self Portrait, 1882, Watercolour, 16x24cm, National Museum Stockholm
Harald Slott-Møller, Danish, Summer Day, Skagen, 1888.
P.S.Krøyer, Summer Evening on Skagen’s Beach, 1893
Peder Severin Kroyer, Danish, Summer Evening at Skagen
Väinö Blomstedt, Boats in the Harbour of Helsinki, Finnish, 1871-1947, Oil on Canvas
Richard Berg, 1858-1919, Nordisk Sommarkväll, 1899-1900, Oil, Göteborg Art Museum

South Georgia (Jan. 2007)

South Georgia , South Atlantic, a very remote British sub-Antarctic island,

Discovered in 1675 by London-born merchant Antoine de la Roche while sailing from Lima to England. Captain James Cook made the first landing on January 17, 1775. It was the most important center for the Southern Atlantic whaling industry from 1904 until 1966. The settlement of Grytviken was founded by the Norwegian Captain Carl Anton Larsen. In its heyday around 300 men worked in the station during the summer months (Oct.-Mar.) .

It is also the site from where the heroic Irish polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton left on his fateful Endurance expedition, and where he returned in the 6,5m lifeboat James Caird to fetch help for the rescue of his 22 expedition crew members stranded on Elephant Island, 800 miles away.

In 1921, Shackleton returned to the Antarctic with the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition, intending to carry out a programme of scientific and survey activities. Before the expedition could begin this work, Shackleton died of a heart attack in 1922 while his ship, Quest, was moored in South Georgia. At his wife’s request he was buried there  in the lonely cemetery, alongside some Norwegian whalers (who died in a 1912 typhus epidemic) and an Argentine soldier -victim of the Falklands War. (Partially quoted from Wikipedia).

The photos below date back to January 2007. All taken with a NIKON D200 mostly with a AF-S NIKKOR 18-200mm

Saidullah: The Famous Glassblower of Herat, Afghanistan

Saidullah passed away in December 2016. RIP.

Saifullah, the glass blower of HeratHerat is located in western Afghanistan, close to the border of Iran, on the strategic trade routes of Central Asia and the Middle east. Many invaders since the 18th century, the Soviet occupation in the 1980’s and several more recent civil war conflicts left a trail of extensive destruction in the once proud city. I visited the city from my posting in Islamabad, Pakistan where I was ambassador. By sheer coincidence I came across a dark basement workshop on the edge of the city, where two glassblowers were busy blowing blue glassware. Later I learned how precious  this glass was and how its and unique production technique went back to medieval times…

“From a long line of Glassmakers, stretching at least a thousand years, Master Glassmaker Nasrullah, 55, along with his brother, Saidullah, 60, his nephew Ghulam Sakhi, 35, his two sons, Zabiullah, 25, and Khairullah, 23 are the only five people in the whole of Afghanistan who know how to make the Herat glass, learning this ancient craft from their fathers, who learned it from their fathers for centuries. Haji Sultan Ahmad is the face of Herat Glass due to his shop’s location across from the Friday [Masjid-i-Jami] Mosque. Ghulam Sakhi works for Haji Sultan producing the items in his shop. These gentlemen supply glass to everyone else in Afghanistan.” (from a website selling Afghan art)

saidullah-smileFoto: Aref Karimi, 2011saidullah-sideFoto: Aref Karimi, 2011scan3bA heap of rejects were lying in the upstairs window. (own foto)

_dsc5510Some pieces from my small, modest collection.

_dsc5511 _dsc5509 _dsc5497 _dsc5496

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These photos were taken in 2007 in the Gerlache Strait, Paradise Bay, the Lemaire Canal, Deception Island, the Drake Passage and Cape Horn


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